The first Contemporary Chinese Marxism forum of Tianjin held in Nankai University
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Nankai News Network (Reporter: HaoJingqiu, photography: Ren Yonghua)
On 25th Sep. the first Contemporary Chinese Marxism forum of Tianjin held by the Tianjin Municipal Social Science Association and jointly organized by Nankai University. The theme of the forum is Marxism and the Great Revival of the Chinese Nation and focuses on the research of the basic problems of Marxism in China, the Chairman Xi Jinping’s new idea, new thinking and new strategy of governing the country and the research of Materialistic conception of history and the problems of China's Developing Road, Marxism in China, the Great Revival of the Chinese Nation and Chinese dream and the historical position and the world significance of socialism with Chinese characteristics
Tianjin Federation of Social Sciences chairman, Xue Jinwen, Vice Minister of the Publicity Department of Tianjin municipal Party committee, Shi Ruijie, and deputy secretary of the Party committee of Nankai University Wang Lei attended the opening ceremony and speech. Tianjin municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Deputy Minister, Gao Xuezhong attended the opening ceremony. Tianjin municipal Party Secretary, deputy chairman of the party secretary JinFanghua presided over the opening ceremony.
Qiushi Magazine club president Li Jie, Renmin University of China professor Chen Xianda, Party School of the CPC Central Committee and former deputy director of Education and President of the China Society for scientific socialism Wang Huaichao, Nankai University professor Chen Yanqing, Nankai University professor Pang Jinju, Dean HaoLixin, assistant president of Renmin University of China, Marx Institute of Peking University vice president Sun Daiyao, vice president of Tianjin Federation of Social Sciences and Tianjin Academy of Educational Sciences, party secretary RongChanghai keynote speech.
Xue Jinwen pointed out in his speech thatwe must adhere to the Marxism as a guide to achieve the Great Revival of the Chinese Dream. In the new historical conditions, we must adhere to the Marxism into the national development and the major theoretical and practical problems the party is facing to put forward the correct ideas and effective way to solve the problems. He stressed that the majority of workers of philosophy and social sciences should strengthen their sense of responsibility, consciously to the practical problems in China's reform and opening up and socialist modernization as the starting point, focus on the application of Marx's theory, focus on the theoretical thinking of practical problems, focus on the new practice and new development, mining materials, and find the problem and put forward ideas, new development theory from the practice of China's reform and development.
Shi Ruijie said that the forum is a major event in the city of Tianjin Social Science Theory field and a high level of ideas and theory discussion, which will further promote our city and the Marx theory research and China characteristics research and play an important role in the theoretical system of socialism. I hope this forum focus on political overall situation, adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to what we are doing as the center to carry out research in advancing the deepening understanding of contemporary Chinese Marx theory innovation, and take this forum as an opportunity and platform to strengthen the research of Marx s theory of Tianjin City with national counterparts.
On behalf of the Nankai University, Wang Lei warmly welcomed the arrival of the distinguished guests, and made a basic introduction to the teaching, research and discipline construction of Marxism theory in Nankai University. He said, the School Party Committee issued a "Nankai University Marx Institute of national key construction implementation plan" in March this year, proposed to deepen the Marxism especially the propaganda and education of the teaching and research of contemporary Chinese Marxism as the basic task, aimed at strengthening the Marx Institute by Marx theory, improve the development of the school, and help to the prosperity and development of philosophy and social sciences.
In the first phase of the forum keynote speech, Li Jie said that the market, capital, legal system, sharing and coexistence are the new era, new environment, and new requirements to uphold and develop Marx's. In the process of realizing the Great Revival of the Chinese nation, it will certainly usher in the revival and development of the Marxism. The hope and roots of the development of the Marxism are in China, and it lies in the innovation and development of contemporary Chinese twenty-first Century Marxism on philosophy and social science as a guide in the China with its characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style construction of discipline system.
Chen Xianda pointed out that if we see from the perspective of historical materialism, all countries have different development paths.There is no universal development model, leave alone there is single model. The road is characterized by practice rather than imitation and copy. In the decades of reform and opening up, we have made great achievements in the road of China, and we will encounter some problems. We must adhere to the Marxism as a guide and oriented by the problems, and take historical materialism methods to find its practical reasons and provide effective solutions.
Chen Yanqing believes that promoting the practice of philosophy research is not only guiding the need of practice, but also the need of adhering to develop Marx's philosophy. To develop the theory of Marx, we should never leave the real practice. Take the development of philosophy as an example, if we want to be innovative in philosophy, first of all we should explore the philosophy of the new growth point. This growth point is not in the history, not in books, not in any other place, and it can only exist in the real life of our times in the soil. In the period of social transformation, new problems are emerging, and to promote the study of philosophy, we must synchronize with the social transformation, and strive to have a certain degree of advance.
At the second stageof the forum keynote speech, Wang Huaichao, Pang Jinju, HaoLixin, RongChanghai and Sun Daiyao spoke around the Chinese socialism theory abundance and development, develop Chinese socialist political economics needs to properly handle several relations, thinking of new concept of development in contemporary China, and the Marxism in twenty-first Century introduction, century meaning of China pass the middle-income trap etc. content to make a keynote speech.
Youth forum was organized in the group discussion activities, and the participants carried out in-depth academic research on the governing ideas of Xi Jinping, the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, and China characteristic socialism theory system,.
It is reported that the forum will be held once a year. The experts and scholars of the theory, philosophy, economics and other disciplines, representing more than 200 people from more than 70 universities and research institutes attended the meeting.